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Strawberry Fennel Sparkling Cream Soda

Looking for a refreshing yet satisfying summer drink? This late summer hit uses wholesome ingredients you'll love. Take a sip today!

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, which may provide me a small commission for each sale. This allows me to keep providing helpful resources (such as this post). All opinions expressed are my own.

Water is referred to as the "gold standard" of hydration. However, hydrating all summer with the same drink can become a bore. With sneaky sugars and fats hiding on nutrition labels, is there a delicious yet nutritious summer drink that helps you reach your hydration goals?

Strawberry Fennel Sparkling Cream Soda is about to become the drink of the summer. One of the most hydrating fruits, strawberries boast a water content of 91%. Fennel adds the touch of a sweet-smelling herb so powerful it's also considered medicinal.

Read on for a recipe that is both refreshing and filling during hot summer days.



This recipe is made possible by Royal Rose Syrups, a craft certified organic company dedicated to using whole ingredients, no preservatives or artificial flavors, and capturing "flavor straight from the farm".

I've used their syrups and love them! Use the button below to purchase the Strawberry Fennel Syrup used in this recipe. Be sure to check out the Orange Dreamsicle Sandwich Cookies we recently made, too.

Strawberry Fennel Sparkling Cream Soda

Gluten Free | Dairy Free



  1. Blend strawberries in a blender until they reach a pureed consistency.

  2. Add in sparkling water, simple syrup, coconut cream, and sweetener. Blend until fully combined.

  3. Garnish the drink with extra sliced strawberries as desired. Enjoy! This drink keeps in the fridge for a couple of days.

Don't forget to snag this delicious simple syrup I used in this recipe. It's an easy, affordable way to upgrade your hydration status.



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