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Seasonal Produce Summer

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Eating seasonal local produce is a great way to celebrate summer! Fresh ingredients can elevate any dish. You may be wondering, what is the current seasonal produce?

Seasonal fruits and vegetables for summer can be found using the guide in this article. You'll also find the answers to commonly asked questions about seasonal summer produce, such as, "why use seasonal produce?"

Read on to discover all you need to know about seasonal food and what seasonal produce to eat.


What is seasonal produce?

What does seasonal produce mean? A seasonal produce calendar or seasonal produce chart can help you understand what is in season right now.

Healthy seasonal produce has an ideal set of growing conditions. If a produce is "in season" during the summer, that means it was grown during peak conditions. It will likely be at its best during this season.

Why buy seasonal produce?

Why choose seasonal produce? What is in season now usually requires less processing. Seasonal produce tastes better by nature because it is grown according to its regular growing season.

Buying seasonal by month helps to support local farmers and markets. It also helps to create connections between seasonal produce suppliers and consumers.

Another great reason to buy seasonal produce now is because seasonal produce benefits health. Eating seasonally encourages healthy lifestyle habits. Fruit and vegetables in season are also at their nutritional peak.

Relationship Between Seasonal Produce and Pricing

Fruits and vegetables cost less when they are “in season” because the process of growing and transporting those particular food items occurs according to regular harvest cycles.

Why is seasonal produce more sustainable?

Seasonal produce benefits the environment, too. Eating what is in season is more sustainable because the production of food occurs within the natural growing season.

Some production seasons are local, and others are global (1). This means that some fruits and vegetables can be grown in one place and than eaten anywhere in the world. Other produce is produced naturally in one season and eaten within that same climate zone.

Seasonal produce diet habits and seasonal produce recipes are just a few of the ways that you can help contribute to keeping the environment (and yourself) healthy.

How to Buy Seasonal Produce

There is no "right" way to find seasonal produce -- only the way that works best for you! As a nutrition expert, I recommend having a physical or digital, handheld form that you can carry with you while shopping.

The following seasonal produce examples and guides can help you to navigate the seasonal produce calendar 2021 (and beyond):

  • seasonal produce app

  • seasonal produce poster

  • seasonal produce wheel

  • seasonal produce print

  • seasonal produce pdf

  • seasonal produce handout

  • seasonal produce guide by month


* After subscribing, check your inbox to immediately download (check your spam, too -- just in case 😘). If you have any problems at all getting your free download, please feel free to contact me by clicking here!


Seasonal Produce Guide From Snap-Ed Connection

The Seasonal Produce USDA guide is also an excellent resource. It has seasonal produce recipes, facts about seasonal foods, and more!

Seasonal Produce Near Me

Where to find seasonal produce? Seasonal produce can be found in a variety of places, including farmer’s markets, local farms, or as advertised during seasonal grocery store promotions.

Seasonal Produce for Weight Loss

If you are having difficulty finding seasonal produce, consult a nutrition and dietitian technician, registered (NDTR) or a registered dietitian (RD) for more information. Dietitians can also help you to reach specific dietary goals, such as weight loss or weight maintenance.

Why Is Eating Seasonal Produce Beneficial?

There are many benefits to eating seasonal produce.

Seasonal Produce Benefits Gut Health

Research shows that the human gut microbiome, or our intestinal environment, responds to many environmental factors. Two of these factors are diet (the food we choose to eat) and seasonal variations.

A recent study found that while the gut can remain relatively stable throughout the year, there are significant shifts that happen seasonally. These changes include (2):

  • The abundance of bacteria

  • Microbiome diversity

  • Correlations between typical foods consumed during a certain season and the rise or decline of bacteria

Image from Reference 2 (listed below). Produce consumption varies with the seasons. In summer months when fresh produce is available, consumption rises to a higher level than in winter. In winter, higher amounts of canned or frozen fruits and vegetables are consumed because fresh produce may not be as accessible as in the summer. Both fresh produce and canned or frozen produce can be nutritious options.

Seasonal Produce Benefits Your Wallet

Produce is less expensive when it is in season. You can save money and eat nutritiously by using the guide I provided FREE with this post (3).

Seasonal Produce Benefits Your Body

Shopping for seasonal fruits and vegetables can having the following positive effects on your body (3,4):

  • Promotes healthy heart and memory

  • Lowers the risk of certain cancers

  • Promotes healthy vision, immune systems, and strong teeth and bones

  • Supports healthy eyes, skin, and digestion

  • Promotes healthy aging

  • Lowers the risk of stroke

  • Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels

In Summary on Seasonal Produce for Summer

Seasonal produce for June, seasonal produce for July, and seasonal produce for August are excellent options for meeting nutrient needs. In the summer, hydration is extra important -- and luckily seasonal options like cucumber can help you stay fueled for fun activities! Don't forget to download the free guide and other helpful tools included in this article.



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