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Hydration Is Key (Hydration Tips, Hydration Drinks, and More!)

Happy #NationalHydrationDay! Meet your hydration needs with these hydration enhancer items and other fun fluid products.

You don't need hydration statistics to know that drinking enough fluids each day is important. Hydration helps guard against dehydration, constipation, and kidney stones. Wondering how to stay hydrated on #NationalHydrationDay (and everyday)?

Hydration enhancer items can make getting proper fluid intake a lot easier! Water is good for our bodies, but it's easy to tire of plain, old H20. Face the hydration facts with products designed to make your life easier and your body healthier.

Read on for my top hydration recommendations for National Hydration Day.


Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, which may provide me a small commission for each sale. This allows me to keep providing helpful resources (such as this post). All opinions expressed are my own.


Hydration Needs

Whether working out or working from home, hydration benefits your life. Each person has unique hydration needs based on their daily activities. Factors such as the weather or sports performance can increase hydration needs.

Finding Your Hydration Needs

The following general guidelines can serve as a hydration reminder.

Remember, hydration for a young athlete may come in the form of hydration supplements while the average teen will be fine with water as their hydration liquid.

Needs and preferences will differ with each individual. Working with a dietitian can help you put a hydration plan and hydration keys into place.


  • Women- About 11.5 cups per day, or about 9 cups excluding water from food (accounts for around 20% of daily fluid needs)

  • Men- About 15.5 cups per day, or about 12.5 cups excluding water from food (accounts for around 20% of daily fluid needs)

Hydration for Kids

Hydration levels for kids depends upon different factors, such as the following:

  • age

  • weight

  • sex

  • activity level

According to the Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics, the hydration recommendation for children is as follows:

Hydration Level

There are two easy ways to check your hydration at home. Dietitians can help you determine if more accurate testing is needed. Sports dietitians can also help you design a fluid replacement plan.

Hydration Station

Sweat loss is a simple method of measuring fluid needs. Create or use a hydration station. Here, you can measure body weight before and after physical activity.

This way of measuring hydration levels works as a basic indicator of hydration status. The general rule is to replace fluids so that loss does not exceed 2%. Losses at this level can impact performance.

Hydration Chart

Hydration bladder charts -- yup, let's chat about pee.

Urine color isn't the most accurate measure of hydration. However, it might be the most accessible. It does give you a rough idea of how hydrated you are during the day.

The following charts are not designed for professional or clinical use, but they can help you determine how to adjust your hydration habits at home.

This chart from Healthline can be helpful when comparing color -- one note, however. I don't recommend "hold off on the water for a bit."

In my professional experience, I have yet to see someone overhydrate. It's possible, but I wouldn't self-diagnose as "overhydrated." If you see patterns of transparent pee, talk to your healthcare team (i.e. doctor(s) and dietitian)

How Hydration Works

Hydration liquid comes from what you drink and what you eat. Water is the good standard. Water-rich foods also contribute about 20% to overall hydration goals.

Hydration Energy

Hydration provides the body with energy to accomplish its important tasks. These tasks include:

  • regulating body temperature

  • keeping joints lubricated

  • preventing infections

  • delivering nutrients to cells

  • keeping organs functioning properly

  • improving sleep quality

  • improving mood

  • improving cognition


Hydration Tips

Here are a quick few tips for staying hydrated.

1. Hydration Water Bottle

Carrying around a reusable hydration water bottle or having a hydration jug set out can help you and your family meet fluid needs. A water bottle acts as a hydration reminder and can help you keep up your levels each day!

2. Hydration Multiplier

Not all hydration enhancers are created equal. However, hydration with added electrolytes or a hydration drink mix (such as Liquid IV or Nuun), hydration tablets, or hydration powder can help improve your hydration status. I've linked one of my favorites from the brand Cure from Hive Brands below.

3. Hydration from Foods

Don't forget that hydration can come from water-rich foods, too! Foods like smoothies or soups with broth have added liquid to create their unique consistency. If you aren't feeling water, that's okay -- you can up your fluid replacement through food.

4. Hydration Elevation

Elevate your hydration habits by drinking fruit-infused or sparkling water! A simple few slices of fruit can add flavor and make water a little more interesting.

Hydration Recommendations

Wondering how to make hydration a little less boring? Try integrating these fun products into your day!

Hive Brands

A few hydration products from Hive Brands that are great for staying hydrated include:

  • Soma Glass Water Bottle (comes in 17 oz and 25 oz sizes)

  • Soma 10 Cup Water Pitcher & Replacement Water Filters

  • Cure Hydration Mix Packets

  • Spindrift Sparkling Water

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Inchbug has a Custom Name Water Bottle (20 oz) that is perfect for kids or adults! Get or give a bottle that is your very own -- and as unique as your hydration needs.

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Green Sprouts

Green Sprouts has some products I absolutely love! Kids need water, too. These items make meeting their fluid needs easier (and with less spills 😂):

  • Sprout Ware® Sip & Straw Cup made from Plants

  • Spout Adapter for Water Bottle

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Hydrating Foods

SmoothieBox makes smoothies and Brodo makes deliciously hydrating broths. Both these options can be supportive to your fluid needs and add extra hydration into the diet.

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The Last Word on Water & Hydration

There are so many ways to stay hydrated. Between water-rich foods, healthy habits, and hydration reminders, you can meet your unique fluid needs. Don't forget -- it's okay to ask a dietitian for help or to purchase products that make meeting your hydration goals possible!

Happy hydrating 😊!


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