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I can't always link articles I've written for clients due to contract agreements and copyright laws, but here is a list of some of the topics I have written about


  • Cardiovascular Disease

  • The Most Common GI Issues & Disorders: Causes, Symptoms, & More

Stomach Pain
Eating Salad

Diet Culture & Popular Topics

  • The Best Air Fryer Recipes Made Healthy

  • The Best & Worst Diets of 2021

  • Detox Diets, Drinks & Recipes: Understanding the Hype

  • "Healthy Foods" That Actually Aren't

  • The New "Green" Mediterranean Diet 

  • The Top Yogurt Power Bowls

Almond Milk

Food & Food Components

  • Ancient Grains Offer an Exciting and Nutritious Twist to Your Diet

  • Different Cooking Methods & How They Change Nutrient Content

  • Foods that Promote a Healthy Colon

  • All About Chickpeas: From Benefits to Recipes

  • Everything to Know About Ezekiel Bread

  • The Best, Great-Tasting Green Foods

  • Immune Boosting Food

  • Probiotics

  • Postbiotics

  • The Evolution of Plant-based Milk Alternatives 

  • The Mega Benefits of Root Vegetables & How to Use 

  • Vegan Collagen: Sources, Benefits, and More

Functional Foods & Medicine

  • Functional Foods for Beating Burnout

  • Your Ultimate Guide to Functional Foods

Green chlorella pills or green barley pi
Image by Malin K.

Geriatric Nutrition

  • Fall Health Tips for Seniors

  • Healthy Fall Desserts for Seniors

  • Snacks for the Elderly to Ensure Protein Needs

  • Telehealth

  • Ways to Fight Holiday Depression in the Elderly

  • Fun Games, Crafts, and Snacks for Seniors to Celebrate the New Year

Holistic Health

  • The Best Holistic Wellness Products for Your Life

  • Should You Invest in Wealth for Wellness?

  • Tips for Staying Healthy at Work (in Any Workspace)

  • Tips on How to Break Bad Habits

Herbal Medicine
Honey Jars

Nutrition Labels, Additives, and More


  • Tips to Clean & Organize Your Fridge

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Pandemic Health

Sports Nutrition

  • Best Protein/Energy Bars for Teenage Athletes

  • What Do Basketball Players Eat Before a Game?

Protein Drink
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  • Healthy Cinco de Mayo Recipes

  • Celebrating National Nutrition Month 

  • The Ultimate March Madness Menu

  • Healthier Mardi Gras Menu 

  • Winter Safety Tips for a Safe & Healthy Season

Storage & Preparation

Food Packaging
Online Study

Teen Nutrition

  • Can a 14 Year Old Go Vegan?

  • How Can a 16-Year Old Lose Weight Fast?

  • How Can You Get Taller as a Teenager? 

  • How Can I Tell if My Teen is Overweight?

  • How Do I Get My Teen to Eat Breakfast?

  • How Much Fat Should a 14-Year-Old Have a Day

  • Is it Easy to Lose Weight as a Teenager?

  • Is it OK for Teenagers to Drink Tea?

  • Should a Teen Eat Organic Food?

  • Should I Tell My Teen They Need to Lose Weight?

  • Should Teenagers Take a Multivitamin Supplement?

  • What is a Healthy BMI for a Teenage Girl?

  • What Should Teenagers Eat for Breakfast?

Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements

Pill Variety