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Recipe | Copycat Costco Quinoa Salad

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Copycat Costco Quinoa Salad

Adapted from original by Kitchen Of Eatin'


1 cup quinoa, uncooked

1/2 cup lentils, uncooked

½ medium-sized red bell pepper, diced

½ medium-sized cucumber, diced

½ bunch of cilantro, finely chopped

1 lemon, juice of

3 Tbsp white wine vinegar

Salt + pepper (to taste)


1 cup kale, finely chopped


  1. Cook the quinoa and lentils to instructions on respective package labels.

  2. Chill the quinoa and lentils for at least 30 minutes.

  3. While the quinoa and lentils cool in the fridge, chop the bell pepper, cucumber, cilantro, and kale (optional, but delicious and nutritious to add).

  4. After 30 minutes of chilling, combine and mix quinoa and lentils with the chopped vegetables in a large mixing bowl.

  5. Add lemon juice, white wine vinegar, and salt and pepper to taste.

  6. Chill before serving.

  7. Enjoy!


In most cases, it should be totally fine to cook the quinoa and lentils together! Just be sure to double check the package instructions, and be sure to get the ratio of water correct.


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