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Eating to Recover from a Holiday Binge | Top 3 Tips

How to use food to heal after overeating

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AW_ Eating to recover from a holiday bin
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I recently posted a video about how eating intentionally can be a crucial step to recovering from a holiday binge. Trust me -- it happens to the best of us. We get carried away in the festivities or distracted by the delicious dishes and suddenly our waistlines are a couple inches wider.

Today’s diet culture will try to tell you otherwise, but I want to let you know it is okay to eat more than you usually do during the holidays. My goal isn’t to change how much you eat, but rather encourage you to make sure you are eating more of the foods that fuel and nourish you and less of the foods that don’t. It may seem tempting to give in to the cravings, but having to skip out on the fun later because of unpleasant side effects can ruin holiday plans. When it does happen, all hope is not lost!

During the holiday season, routine and regular activities like sleeping, eating, and socializing are interrupted. Eating mindfully can help fuel and nourish your body, mind, and soul for the season's celebrations. Eating according to your body's individual cues can help you stay involved in the festivities and encourage you to participate at your own pace. Eating can also be a powerful force for healing after overeating during holiday activities:

Read on to get my top three tips for eating to heal or recover from holiday feasting.

1. What to Eat

Easy to digest foods allow for your energy to be focused on recovery and healing.

Try: soups, smoothies, applesauce, oatmeal, 100% juice, pureed produce, yogurt

2. How to Eat

Each of these are sweets with less sugar or sugar substitutes than the originals that inspired them (learn more about sugar substitutes by reading Sugar, Sugar, or Honey, Honey.) -- Shown from left to right: Mini Chocolate Crinkle Cups, Blueberry Breakfast Clafoutis, "Better for you than the bakery" Pumpkin Bread

Don't restrict yourself in an attempt to "make up" for holiday eating.

Try: Intentional & intuitive eating. Listen to your body and answer it with positive, healthy patterns of behavior.

3. What to Drink

Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Water also helps to cleanse and detox the body naturally by helping the body get rid of toxins, waste, or excess.

Try: water, fruit-infused water, no sugar added beverages such as 100% juice

Also, did you know your foods contain some water that can help you stay hydrated as well? I did a summer series on the blog about water-rich foods, but you don't have to limit these thirst quenchers to one season. Eat more of these foods to up your water content.

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AW_ Eating to recover from a holiday bin
Download • 231KB


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