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Sugar, Sugar. Or Honey, Honey. (The Truth about Sugar Substitutes)

Eating plant-based doesn't mean giving up your sweet tooth. There aren't any shortcuts when it comes to sugar, or in other words there isn't a "healthy" sugar or a secret low-calorie alternative. Sugar is sugar and whatever form it is in it gives the body the same amount of calories. But don't let that scare you. Our bodies need sugar to survive and sugar is neither good or evil. It's just something we need to balance our intake of and be aware of. 

Sneaky Ingredients

Food companies can get pretty sneaky with sugar in their ingredients. The following chart from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) can help you recognize the sources of sugar in your food and make more informed decisions about your sugar consumption. 

Better-for-your-Body Sweeteners

There are sources of sugar that are either more nutrient dense or that are less inflammatory for your body to process.  Try adding some of these to your next concoction for some sweetness without the side effects. 

Other Ideas

Sugar can lurk in some unsuspecting places. Making your own desserts at home can help you know exactly what is sweetening your food.  Milk and fruits contain natural sugars. If you are having a sugar craving, try curbing it with one of these foods. For some reason, freezing them makes them seem sweeter! 




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