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Recipe | Crockpot Concoction (Slow-Cooker, GF, DF)

This is one of those recipes that takes minutes to throw in the slow-cooker, tastes amazing, and is full of good-for-you food. Packed with vegetables frozen at the peak of ripeness, this soup is full of seasonal produce and can be perfect for a night when you don’t know what to make. Nutritious AND delicious!!

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Crockpot Concoction (Slow-Cooker, GF, DF
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Crockpot Concoction



  1. Layer ingredients in the crockpot, spraying the bottom or greasing it with plant-based oil before putting the chicken at the bottom. Placing chicken at the bottom better ensures that it will cook through properly.

  2. Set your crockpot to cook on LOW. Cover and cook for 5-6 hours.

  3. Enjoy! Keeps well in fridge for 5-7 days


*I’ve used frozen and raw before and they both cook fine. If using frozen, be extra diligent about checking to see that chicken has cooked thoroughly before serving. Shred chicken before ladeling into soup bowls.

**I use organic spinach because it is listed on the EWG’s Dirty Dozen, which you can learn more about and access by clicking here. You can also access articles I have written or co-written about organic versus conventional produce by clicking here.

***Sometimes you can find these frozen. If not, it is okay to cut, peel, and dice by hand.


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