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5 S’mores Recipes That Will Have You Wanting Some More

Want some more s’mores? Nutrition expert Anni Weeks shares 5 twists on this traditional favorite sweet snack.

It’s a sandwich of chocolate, graham cracker, and marshmallow -- what’s not to love?

If the traditional options aren’t quite your speed, instead try these five favorites inspired by the original.

Read on for five of the best s'mores recipes picked by nutrition expert Annika Weeks, NDTR.


What Makes S’mores Sensational?

How to make s’mores? We all remember the iconic scene from The Sandlot:

The simple combo of graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow creates a satisfying blend of textures and flavors. The cracker lends a crispy, slightly salty bite, while the melting ‘mallow and chocolate provide sticky-sweetness. Chocolate tends to be more rich, and marshmallows are more airy.

Are S’mores Bad For You? Are Smores Healthy?

Just like any food, eating too much of it can become a bad habit. S’mores are a great dessert to have every once in a while. There are so many exciting flavor combinations out there -- throw s’mores into the rotation but don’t forget to enjoy other desserts, too!

Are S’mores Gluten Free

S’mores can be made gluten-free. Be sure to select a gluten-free graham cracker (or other cookie/crisp) if you’re going the traditional route. Some of the following recipes have notes about subbing typical ingredients for allergen-friendly options.


Best S’mores Ever

These five s’mores recipes with a twist are about to satisfy your wildest dreams. Each is created by a dietitian, a nutrition expert that can help you achieve balanced eating in your everyday life. Which recipe do you want s’more of?

1. S’mores Cookies

Dietitian Christie’s cookies are the perfect balance of sweet and healthy. You’d never guess the following nutritious ingredients made their way into this dessert:

  • Flaxseed

  • Hemp hearts

  • Tahini

Almond flour helps give the cookie base a touch of sweetness without sacrificing too much nutrient-density. The cooking notes include details on how to incorporate other nut butters, too!

2. Slightly Healthier S’mores

Another delicious dietitian-designed recipe, these s’mores make eating healthy a breeze. Ginger breaks down her unique take on a classic treat by talking about each of the four elements incorporated:

  • Vegan marshmallows

  • Dark chocolate

  • Whole-wheat crackers

  • Fresh fruit

While replacing a whole meal with ‘mallows isn’t recommended, these small shifts can add up over time! Check out her recipe for a unique twist on the classic s’mores assembly.

3. Gluten Free Vegan S’mores Bars

Ready for another mouth-watering recipe? I’m not kidding -- just reading this might have you drooling. This delicious dessert had some superstar ingredients that up-level its nutrition status:

  • Old fashioned oats

  • Raw walnuts

  • Avocado oil

Most desserts are packed with refined flours and saturated fats. Instead, this recipe is packed with healthy fats from the avocado oil and nuts, and the oats add whole-grain fiber and protein.

4. Caramel Apple S’mores

Let summer casually slide into fall with these perfect caramel apple s’mores. An apple slice helps to balance the sweet flavors with a fresh, crisp bite. Complete with caramel topping (which can be made healthier homemade), these s’mores taste especially great as the weather gets colder.

5. Indoor S’mores with Raspberries and Almonds

Sometimes, you want s’mores but the thought of sitting around a smokey campfire sounds anything but appealing. Enter, the indoor s’more! One easy way to elevate a s’more’s nutrition content is by upgrading the ingredients.

This recipe calls for Smashmallow, which contains organic cane sugar instead of corn syrup. They are also free of artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, and other preservatives. Topped with freeze-dried raspberries and almonds, this treat instantly becomes more balanced!


In Summary On S’mores

Why are s’mores so good? A twist on the traditional combination of cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow may be just what the dietitian ordered. Try these five finger-licking recipes for a sticky-sweet treat that is on the healthier side.


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