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5 Fun & Healthy Halloween Foods

Halloween can seem like a frightful time to consider dietary therapy or to start thinking about managing your health through nutrition. However, with a few small changes, you can have fun while also enjoying the festivities. Pairing healthy snacks and ideas with some sweeter things in moderation may actually make your experience more enjoyable -- less tummy-aches means more time for frightful fun!

Read on for my 5+ best ideas for healthy, fun Halloween foods.

Stuffed Bell Pepper Pumpkins

Orange bell peppers make for great pumpkin look-alikes. Plus -- they are easy to carve! I stuffed mine with this Copycat Costco Quinoa Salad to look like pumpkin “guts” were coming out. Half of the fun of Halloween food is just about getting creative with the names. Kids probably won’t gravitate to quinoa and lentils, but “pumpkin guts”? Sure thing! The trick is to make it exotic and enticing, something different than the everyday.

Halloween Hummus

This dip is about as easy as it gets. Using something to stencil your desired shape onto the surface, take chia seeds and fill in the space. From jack-o-lantern faces to bats or other Halloween symbols, the possibilities are almost endless! Between the chia seeds and the chickpeas in the hummus, you’re also getting a lot of nutrients -- especially if you pair this dip with vegetables or whole grain crackers or chips.

Blood and Guts

Walnuts can become minion brains and craisins can become goblin guts with a little imagination. Ordinarily routine foods just need a couple spooky names and creepy companion foods to make them seem like blood and guts on Halloween. Nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables, and even more can be transformed into fabulously frightening foods with some creativity.

Witches’ Brews (Soups & stews)

Soups and stews can turn into brews -- you can even disguise your crockpot to look like a cauldron! Pictured here is a nutritious, veggie-packed Crockpot Concoction. Pairing Halloween foods with heartier sides can help keep you and your friends or family full throughout the fun festivities.

Ghostie Ghouls & Char-BOO-terie boards

Using a cookie cutter, toothpick, knife, or other device, you can easily slice cheeses and tortillas into fun, spooky shapes! I love these little ghosts and this corn tortilla looks like a moon -- BOO! Arrange everything on a board or tray and you’ve got yourself a charcuterie, which is great for guests, children, or picky eaters to pick their poison!

Other Ideas to Incorporate:

Have you tried these healthy Halloween ideas?

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