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The Best Healthy Chocolate Foods

Which chocolate is healthiest? Which chocolate is best? Find out here why chocolate is good for you on #WorldChocolateDay !

Wondering what chocolate is good for you and what chocolate is bad for you? There are many types of chocolate, so it can easily be confusing.

Chocolate can be healthy. Between baking, desserts, smart snacking, and more -- this post has top picks from a nutrition expert. Keep your family healthy and happy without having to compromise on your favorite chocolate flavors.

Read on for diet tech Anni Weeks' top chocolate product picks for a healthy eating pattern.


Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, which may provide me a small commission for each sale. This allows me to keep providing helpful resources (such as this post). All opinions expressed are my own.


Chocolate Day

July 7th is #ChocolateDay ! What better way to celebrate than by choosing some healthy eating picks?

As a nutrition expert, I'm always looking for ways to enjoy food while also staying healthy. The great news is you can absolutely do both.

Chocolate Recipes

Looking for some chocolatey recipes? Here are some of my all-time favorites:


Chocolate Flavored Favorites

The following products can help keep chocolate a healthy part of your diet.

1. Earthshake Chocolate

Image courtesy of Earthshake.

Getting kids to eat healthy can feel like a chore sometimes. Earthshake Chocolate is a kid's nutrition shake that is far superior to most on the market.

It comes in both single serve and 12-24 serving packets. There are so many reasons I recommend this brand, including the following key features:

  • Organic

  • Non-GMO (GMO Sugar beet & soybean are sometimes included as an ingredient in chocolate products)

  • Lactose-free Milk Protein from Grass-fed Cows

  • Gluten & Soy free

  • Less than 1 g sugar

  • Pre-biotic fibers

  • 100% tree nut free & packaged in a nut free facility

The company donates a meal to a child in need for each bag purchased. Children ages 2 and up can enjoy the shake -- it is nutritious and delicious! Just check the 5-star reviews to see that it is a huge hit in many households.

2. Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

Image courtesy of JOI.

I had never heard of an upcycled cookie until I met this mix. JOI provides a perfect partner for their plant-based milks while making the food industry more sustainable. It's gluten-free and full of oaty goodness, which adds a bit of fiber alongside those delicious chocolate chips.

3. Dark Chocolate Cashew Bark

Image courtesy of Oh Nuts.

Dark chocolate is quite literally an ancient treasure. The Mayans were known to drink it mixed with fermented beverages, spices, or wine. Since dark chocolate contains more cocoa solids than milk chocolate, it also contains more health-protective compounds.

These compounds, called flavanols, have been shown to support heart health by lowering blood pressure and increasing insulin sensitivity. More studies are being conducted to measure significant long-term benefits. While chocolate should still be consumed in moderation, eating dark chocolate as part of a balanced diet can have a positive effect on health.

Oh Nuts has a whole section dedicated to chocolate products. Look for items (such as the Dark Chocolate Cashew Bark) that have whole, roasted, unsalted nuts as the first ingredients. Also, be sure to keep an eye on sugar content and minimize added sugars when possible.

4. Cacao Smoothie Mix

Image courtesy of SmoothieBox.

Chocolate is great for hiding the less desirable flavor of leafy greens. The cacao smoothie mix from SmoothieBox is packed with healthy ingredients that provide energy and antioxidants. You'd never guess it was masking kale, zucchini and sunflower seeds -- all thanks to cacao ingredients.

5. Sustainable Superfood Cacao

Images courtesy of Sun & Swell.

Sometimes, nothing feels better than making chocolatey treats from scratch. From cacao nibs to cacao powder, Sun & Swell has all the superfood pantry staples you need. The ingredient label reads one ingredient -- organic cacao.

6. Chocolate Almond Butter

Image courtesy of Hive Brands.

Looking for a new chocolate product can be exciting -- until you turn over to the label. Many chocolates are made with extra helpings of sugar or fat to compensate for the "healthy" ingredients they added in.

Chocolate almond butter from Hive Brands is packed with 6 grams of protein per serving, and only 2 grams of added sugar. That's pretty impressive!

Plus, it has almonds as the first ingredient. To put that in perspective, just compare it with Nutella -- sugar is listed as the first ingredient, then palm oil, THEN hazelnuts.

Instead, chocolate almond butter blend is a spread you can feel better about.

In Conclusion on the Best Healthy Chocolate Products

Whether you are looking for chocolate without sugar, chocolate without milk, or chocolate without soy, there is something for everyone. Chocolate can make you happy, and it can also be eaten in moderation to make you healthy, too. Chocolate brands, like the 6 best chocolate products listed here, are making our favorite flavoring agent a healthier choice for people and the planet.



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