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Organize with ANNI | 5 Clear Solutions for Sustainability

Last week, I published an article on Clarity & Transparency in organizing, and why it's important to be able to see your belongings in all their organized glory. However, clear containers are good for another reason-- they are often the "greener", cleaner option, both for you and for the environment. How? Here's five of my favorite reasons:

Meal Prep & Recycle

Disposable containers might seem like a good idea, but it can add up to additional costs for your wallet and additional waste for the environment. Choose instead to reuse your meal prep containers by utilizing options like glass jars. Check out these “salad in a jar” and other ideas:

Don’t always Decant--Use the Original Packaging if Possible

Decanting is a term used in the organization community to (generally) mean transferring something from its original packaging to another option (one that is better suited for the organization system). While it can be smart in many cases to transfer your items to clear and uniform containers, whenever possible try to use the original packaging. Many products are becoming more eco-friendly by using more transparent packaging options (in both senses of the word).

Send your guests home with containers you could care less about

Instead of giving away your precious pantry resources, have a couple options for containers you can send home with guests. Tupperware you wouldn’t be heartbroken to lose is one good option, but reusing food packaging containers that would otherwise go to waste (such as a sour cream container) is even better. This can be a great way to give a second life to your containers that aren’t clear and would likely be headed for the trash if it weren’t for leftovers. Try to keep it clear if you can (so that your guests can see what's in the package when they get home and remember to enjoy your leftover goodies).

Clarify your Cleaning Supplies

Your cleaning supplies might need to be clarified, both in packaging and by means of product. Instead of harsh chemicals, try alternatives that are naturally anti-bacterial, such as vinegar (learn more about it’s cleaning properties by reading this article from Harvard’s School of Public Health), lemon juice, and baking soda. Learn more about making your cleaning routine more green by clicking here for homemade cleaning agents.

Let an old case become a new vase

A once-used container or an older item can be given new life by being given a new purpose. Try something fresh instead of tossing something on its last leg, like filling an old jar with flowers. This can in turn add life to your house instead of sending the container off to its death.

Clear eyes, clear containers, can't lose.

With these tips in mind, it can be easier to organize your space. You'll be able to keep what you need and use regularly in your direct line of sight, all while saving the environment as well! If you need some help, that’s okay! Book online with me now and get 25% off my organizing services, for less stress and more space for the things that matter. Don’t forget to tag me in your pictures on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn -- I can’t wait to see how you use clear solutions to find more clarity and transparency. Use "#organizewithanni" so I can see what you come up with.

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