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Organize with ANNI | Clarity & Transparency

Clarity and transparency are a hallmark of any organization system. What exactly do I mean by that? If something is clear or transparent it is evident at a glance that there is purity of the product within. Clarity allows for you to more quickly meet your needs and the needs of others.

Think about it this way-- how do you know you can trust a product before you buy it? It helps if it comes in a clear container, one where you can see spoilage or spillage right away. Many companies give you a glance of their product be building in some sort of clear component, such as a window of plastic common for packaged noodles. Items sold in bulk or spices sold at farmer's markets are also often displayed this way, with some sort of clarity available to ensure you the quality isn't limited to the product's visual appearance.

Why Should my Organization System be Clear and Transparent?

For the same reasons quality food often comes in sheer packaging, clarity and transparency are also important when it comes to styling a functional, organized space. There are a multitude of reasons why clear containers are a great option for organizing a basic kitchen, pantry, or dining room system, but the following are my favorite:

Clear containers are an accent to most any style.

Clear containers can go from the pantry to a photo shoot without skipping a beat. One amazing perk to clear containers is that you can see right through them--literally. This allows you to use food as a design element. Show them off on your shelves or add dimension to your dining room. You can display shades of grains or add more neutrals to ground your kitchen colors. You can use vibrant hues or add a subtle pop of color here and there-- the possibilities are endless! This is an inexpensive, efficient way to accentuate the design of your space while utilizing it in the most effective way.

Transparent containers are almost always the least expensive option -- or better yet, FREE.

Clear containers come in all shapes and sizes. I think you’ll be thrilled and surprised when you stop to notice all the containers you can use and reuse from your store-bought products. Jars of spaghetti sauce, glass cans for peanut butter, and the list goes on and on; before you toss it in the trash, see if you can remove the label from a reusable container by running it under hot water for 30 seconds. Another inexpensive option for clear containers is to raid the Dollar Store for some frugal finds. As long as your containers are well-washed and sanitized, they should be good to go.

Clear containers decreases duplicate items.

Seeing right through your packaging, even at a moment's notice, means saving money. Clear containers allow you to see what inventory you have. It also decreases both the likelihood of purchasing items you already have in your pantry.

Transparent containers save your time, energy, and other resources.

Clear containers save you time and energy because you can see your things immediately and won't have to send a search party after a missing ingredient. Even if you are reusing an old jar or container, if it’s clear except for the lid, then there’s little room for confusion. You can also easily estimate how much available room exists to add additional ingredients or items.

Clear containers are safer: for you, for your food, and for the environment.

Glass containers have become the gold standard in most cases when it comes to storing food. BPA-free plastic containers are also an acceptable alternative. Containers that are clear can also help protect you against food-borne illness by allowing you to easily see if spoilage is occurring. Keeping things in clear containers minimizes the need for touching the food to ensure it’s quality. This means less hands on the items, and in turn, less germs on your good--benefiting both you and your food. Both quantity and quality can be measured through clear containment.

Clear containers are also often washable, reusable, and recyclable. This means that less waste ends up in the environment around us. This is important because our environment can influence us and our health. Less waste in the environment means less waste that can be introduced back into our body systems. In other words, clear containers are a win-win for everyone.

Clear eyes, clear containers, can't lose.

With these tips in mind, it can be easier to organize your space. You'll be able to keep what you need and use regularly in your direct line of sight. If you need some help, that’s okay! Book online with me now and get 25% off my organizing services, for less stress and more space for the things that matter. Don’t forget to tag me in your pictures on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn -- I can’t wait to see how you use clear solutions to find more clarity and transparency. Use "#organizewithanni" so I can see what you come up with.


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