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Keeping your Body Cool (Water-Rich Foods)

Summer is such an important time to make sure you are keeping your body hydrated appropriately. Beyond sun exposure, most people are more active during the summer months, and outdoor activities mean both exercise and exposure levels rise. Studies show that hot environments cause increased sweat production and water loss, increasing the levels of needed hydration.

This post will kick off my "Keeping your Body Cool (Water-Rich Foods)" series, where we will explore five of my favorite hydration helpers:

  1. Cantaloupe

  2. Watermelon

  3. Lemons

  4. Cucumber

  5. Coconut Water

The benefits of maintaining proper hydration are many including:

  • protecting kidney function

  • increases hydration levels

  • decreases bloating (due to naturally diuretic properties)

  • promotes body temperature homeostasis

Of course, drinking lots of water is the ideal way to get your hydration up. However, water-rich foods as part of a varied and balanced diet can help you to keep your chill even in the heat of summer.


Tips & Tricks:

  • When given a choice, chose water or hydrating foods over sugary beverages. Fruits can give you a boost with natural sugars without the risks to your health that soda or other beverages might add.

  • Creating your own fruit water with any of the above listed items can add some fun and flavor to your water glass.



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