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How to Navigate the New Site

Welcome to the new and improved ANNI website. Don't worry- if you were attached to the old one, it is still available here.

Why do you have a new site & design?

Great question! I recently graduated college with a bachelor's degree in dietetics. I learned from some incredible colleagues and mentors, and during my last semester of school I started consulting and contributing writing. I was surprised by how much I loved it and decided I wanted to focus more on business than blogging. My skills primed me to be a research writer and consult on the design of nutrition materials, including everything from handouts to templates to presentations. I liked the challenge of writing for myself, but I love the opportunity to create something with a client that can have a more positive effect and greater outreach than what I could do on my own.

Skills for hire:

It is important to me that I use my skills to empower people and help them attain the healthy patterns or quality of life they want. If you don't see a package or plan below that fits your needs, let's chat and create an individual one that does.

Don't forget- your first 15-minute call is absolutely FREE. Let's discover what we can do together.

Plans & Packages:

I am available as a one-time hire (such as a special project) or for long-term contract work (i.e. a monthly plan). If you don't see something you want here, let's make it happen! Contact me to customize a plan that will fit your needs.

  • Consultant: I have experience as a patient and a professional in the healthcare system. Let me help you navigate the world of nutrition and marry conventional and holistic medicine through a more integrative, evidence-based approach. I specialize in research and design, as well as online media (branding, niche specialization, etc.), but am open to other opportunities, too! Tackling challenges is what drives my passion-so, let's get started partnering on something great.

  • Contributing Writer: Need someone to beef up your blog or research articles? I have plenty of past experience writing for my own site, and you can see some of the work I have done for clients or potential clients in my portfolio and academic portfolio.

  • Personal or Family Meal Plans: I recommend a monthly plan here, so that I can help you evolve to meet your needs or the needs of your family! Monthly meal plan contracts with ANNI are available in quarters (every 4 months) so you don't have to worry about committing to a yearly contract right away.

  • Templates & Resources: I have a lot of experience with lesson plans, teaching, and education-plus, I LOVE design. If you are a teacher, just need a refrigerator reminder, or want a quick reference on a certain topic like organization tips or food sensitivities, let me create a cute or collected time saver for you.

Have questions or concerns? Let's chat! Contact me at, and we will create something wonderful together. Can't wait to get started!


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