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Update: I'm Under Construction!

I'll now be offering services exclusively to dietitians and nutrition professionals in the digital space. Read on for more information about why I'm making this shift and where you can access information from the upcoming courses that have been cancelled.

I've got some exciting news! I'll now be offering services exclusively to dietitians in the digital space. I'm beyond excited to focus my professional efforts here.

My new slogan is Nourish your Niche and my business will be focused on providing valuable resources and services to food/nutrition professionals. I'm "a diet tech for the digital age".


Note: The free resources for patients and clients will still be available, so you are welcome and invited to stick around if you aren't a dietitian or nutrition professional! Your feedback on what helps you maintain healthy eating patterns is so valuable, appreciated, and needed.


While I am beyond excited to shift my business in this direction, a couple big changes have taken place to make this my main focus. I appreciate your patience in advance!

What's changing:

  • Upcoming Courses- The launches of Meal Planning Made Simple, The Fundamentals of Food Photography, and Body-Based Cleanse have been cancelled. Don't worry though -- this information will still be available through future blog posts and publications. Check back throughout this year for helpful hints, health hacks, tips & tricks.

  • Newsletter- No more newsletter. I'll still be sending out the occasional newsletter to let subscribers know about valuable material on the website. Feel free to stay subscribed, or you can unsubscribe at any point!

  • Food Photography for Brands- I'll no longer be offering food photography for brands. My photography services will now be offered exclusively to dietitians and nutrition professionals.

A big thank you to all of you during this time! Friends, family, and supportive clients have helped make this big change so much easier.

I appreciate your patience over the coming weeks and months as my business and website may appear a bit messy during metamorphosis.

I'm thrilled to be taking this direction with my business and honored to share the space with such amazing people.

Check back soon to see what's in store!


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