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Top Tips for Thanksgiving with Allergy-free Friends

Cooking for yourself or  friends trying to eat allergy-free can be difficult, especially during the holiday season. However, it doesn't have to be. 

The following are some of my favorite tips when it comes to dining allergy-free for thanksgiving. And to kick off thanksgiving time, I wanted to say, I'm so grateful you stopped by! Stay tuned for more thanksgiving tips coming soon.

Have a hand in hosting

Don't be afraid to host at your own home so you know that all the ingredient labels were read and all the food was prepared in a clean area. You can also offer to help the host prepare for the meal so you have a hand in procuring the ingredients and providing some of the products that end up in the meal. ​

Tweak tradition

Change or tweak traditional recipes by replacing allergen ingredients with more focus on whole, unprocessed foods.​

Stuff some extra snacks in your bag

Bring allergen-free snacks and desserts in the case that you can't eat what is provided. Hummus and carrots, homemade mini muffins, or trail mix can provide a quick snack and also give you enough energy to make it through the mealtime! 

Communicate to Celebrate

Communication is the key in handling allergen situations, so make sure to advocate for yourself and your allergies instead of hurting your body by ingesting even a little bit of what will make you sick. Likely those who you are spending the holiday with love or connect with you in such a way that they would be happy and more than willing to provide something you can eat so that you can be included in the festivities. It might take a bit of communication to clear up, but it is worth it to enjoy a feast with friends and family and feel like part of the thanksgiving events.

There's even more to be thankful for...

I'm currently helping some of my clients create awesome resources for the holiday season. Check back soon because I can't wait to share more tips and tricks with you.


This post was originally published by ANNI WEEKS on The Anni Feed, a previous version of this site. You can click here to view it.


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