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Organize with ANNI | The 4 Stages of Organization as a Process (Not an Event)

Organization is a process and not an event. As we evolve and our needs change, so will our systems. Our kitchens, dining rooms, and pantries help us prepare and provide the necessities of life. So, these spaces that hold our food take on a sort of life themselves.

If your current method of organization isn't working, carefully consider how to adapt it to better serve your needs. Just like our bodies use symptoms to signal, clutter is a symptom of a system heading into chaos. It's simply an opportunity to evaluate where we can evolve and change. The following 4 stages of organization as a process help to explain why organization is a process and not simply an event.


To properly begin the organization process it is necessary to have a positive perspective about it. This means recognizing the obstacles, barriers, and other obligations you feel standing in the way and then turning them into your “why”. Why are you motivated to make this change? Why do you feel like now is the time to make a change? Why do you need a more organized space? Let the answers to these questions motivate you and shift the paradigm of your perspective into a more positive place.


While organization doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, it does require some planning. This will ultimately make your methods more efficient and manageable in the long run. This stage of the process can be as simple as designating a specific day to do the organizing yourself or as complex as taking inventory of your back-stock and drawing up potential zones for the things you own. Remember- this doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If the best use of your time and resources is to hire someone to organize for you, that is fine, too! I offer a free 15 minute consultation to get you started, and can offer you a free quote. There is no shame in asking for help!


The next major stage of organization is preparation. Realistically, what do you need? One of my major inspirations is Marie Kondo, who uses shoe-boxes, affordable bins, and just about anything else on hand to make calm out of chaos in people’s lives. With her philosophy in mind, if spending money on means of organization is not something that will spark some serious joy, don’t do it! Remember, your system is going to evolve with you. If your organizers won’t be able to evolve with you over time, it’s probably not worth the purchase. I wrote a whole article about how “Less is More”, which you can read by clicking here. Whether you need to prepare the people in your house for the change that is about to happen, or you need to make other means of cutting a clearer path to your goals, remember that the end result is 100% worth the sacrifices you make along the way to have peace of mind and a sense of security one of the most important places in your home.

Problem-solving, not Problem-seeking

One of the obvious traits of people who embrace organization as a process rather than an event is that they see solutions instead of providing a list of problems. Recognizing issues is absolutely fine-- but presenting them without suggesting ideas for improvement makes it impossible to use the chaos as a catalyst for change. Organization can be both the cause and the effect of problem-solving. An organized system means that problems can be solved more quickly because you know where to find the answers in a pinch. An organized system is also the answer to a lot of problems in a chaotic kitchen. Next time you’re facing chaos or frustration in an area you use to cook or dine, choose to see the solutions that await you with a more organized system instead of spying only the problems. I think you’ll be amazed at the opportunities that await you!

Finding Joy in the Process

These four simple stages may call out to you as your next do-it-yourself project, and for others this article may have made you want to run as far as you can in the opposite direction. Either response is a valid reaction. Just remember, even if you want to do it all on your own, you don’t have to -- organization is a process, but it is never one you have to do completely on your own. Whether it’s following along for my weekly posts or taking full advantage of my organizing services, let me help you on your quest for a cleaner and clearer space.


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