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How Building Your Dream Brand or Website Works

Building your dream brand from the ground up as a dietitian or nutrition professional can be a lot of work. Anni Weeks, NDTR, understands the industry and can create SEO-focused, conversion-driven copy. Read here to find out how!

Looking for an experienced digital diet tech? Many of you may be wondering how a registered nutrition and dietetic technician (NDTR or DTR) got into technology and technical nutrition. How can a NDTR help you design the website, brand, or business of your dreams?

As an NDTR, I'm uniquely qualified to meet your business and branding needs. Technology is merging more and more as a necessary ingredient in a growing dietetic business. It's key to plan for a recipe for success rather than waiting too long and experiencing a recipe for disaster.

Read on for details about what exactly I do as a digital DTR and how the process works when designing your dream brand or website.

Can an NDTR be an expert in design?

It's rare, but it happens. Digital diet techs are a bit like nutrition business unicorns. Traditional techs work in a variety of settings and environments -- mostly hospitals, clinics or other established facilities.

Digital diet techs and DTR virtual assistants are a growing area of entrepreneurs. Not only do we understand the aspects of design, branding, and business that it takes to build our own business -- we also understand how to navigate the nutrition industry.

As the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics says, technology is "entering into mainstream practice." Having a credentialed nutrition professional as part of your team is absolutely key to growing a nutrition business that will succeed moving into the future.

What are your qualifications as a web designer & developer?

Modern day web design platforms make my job a lot easier. My own business has gone through three rounds of re-branding since it's inception -- I've learned what works and what doesn't (*insert facepalm emoji*).

I've specifically worked with WordPress and Wix to develop and improve websites, but I'm comfortable exploring Squarespace, Shopify, and other platforms as well.

Something that sets me apart from other professionals is that I exclusively take on nutrition clients and I am always willing to research or learn skills to help my clients get closer to their goals. I regularly research and compare options to stay current in the industry.

Want to know something crazy? I almost minored in graphic design in college. If I wasn't so close to graduating (and if dietetics majors weren't required to take organic and nutritional bio-organic chemistry) it would have happened. Design is a passion of mine and I believe it helps to connect action-taking consumers with eager nutrition professionals who want to change lives.

What does Anni Weeks do when it comes to web or brand design?

If I could say "making dreams come true" as a job, I would. Really, I've actually had clients say I made their dreams come que the happy tears!! Little Anni making big dreams come true -- that's all I've ever wanted to do.

I offer many services as a virtual diet tech, but let's clue in on design, website and brand specific projects here. Ashley Fones is one of my idols, and as she says, "I turn ideas into websites."

As a nutrition-specific web designer and brand consultant, here are examples of what I can do for you:

  • Original website design

  • Setting up a secure health platform

  • Linking social media to website

  • Securing a custom domain

  • Custom theme development

  • Logo & branding design

  • Setting a website up to match existing social media branding

  • Domain email set-up

  • Migrating a blog or website to WordPress

  • Page templates for existing themes

  • Landing pages or additional pages

  • Custom additions to websites, including photo galleries, pop-up subscription boxes and alerts, lightboxes, opt-ins, contact forms, about pages, and more

  • Membership or subscription set-up

  • Responsive design for mobile devices

  • Business cards

  • Stationary

  • Subscription boxes

  • Ongoing training, support, or updates

  • eBook design, writing, or templates for DIY

  • Consulting

  • UX ( User experience)

What can I expect, and how long does it take?

A complete design or redesign takes 3-4 months. Some factors design and development depends on include:

  • how complex the project is

  • how quickly the client, consultants, etc. respond to messages

  • how much input the client wishes to have in the project

  • how much training is involved to use the finished interface

The investment, in both time and money, is well worth it. One of my clients had an increase in content of 200% and a click-thru rate of 75% or higher once I joined her team. That means her content doubled (the majority of which we just recycled from her existing resources) and three out of four visitors to her social media took action on her website.

The Process

Don't worry, I won't ask you to put any money down here -- it's just a free, short call or video chat so I can get to know more about you and your needs. If you've never gone through the process before, I will help to answer your questions and make the process a little clearer and less scary.

There's no need to fear! You can come prepared with questions but you don't have to. If you have any websites you like or gravitate to when thinking about design, now is the time to share them with me.

Step 2: Review your customized quote, sign your contract & pay your deposit.

Each project is different, so I draft a custom contract for each client of mine. The non-refundable deposit will be 20% of the estimated total -- and don't worry, I make sure to break down the costs so that you can feel confident in each step and investment involved.

Creating a website is a lot of work, but it's what I love to do and am passionate about helping nutrition professionals achieve. It's a key part of reaching larger audiences. I make sure to stay current on research, consumer trends, and average pricing so that I change you a fair and competitive price for the quality of work I present.

Step 3: The beginning of branding and getting down to business.

I call this "the fun part". It's where colors, logos, design, branding, and other visual aspects come into play. We will work together to establish where you want to be on the range of design and development (from giving me total creative input to getting updates every step of the way).

From simple updates to total re-designs, I am up for any challenge! I always keep the audience in mind. I make sure the colors and copy communicate exactly what you want.

Step 4: Welcome home!

The homepage is often the most visited page on a site, and it serves as the basis for the structure and key features of other site pages. We'll make sure your main page is made just-for-you and feels as welcoming and unique as your business is.

Step 5: Revise, revise, revise.

This is the stage where I dig into the details. Aligning everything just right, making sure copyright laws are kept, etc...Revisions can last a few weeks, but I make it a priority to always keep you updated and make sure the process is progressing how you want it.

While waiting, you can decide if you want to hire me for additional copy, or you can work on drafting blog posts, etc. if you like to do-it-yourself! There's no right way -- I just want to save you time and money in the long run.

I'm happy to discuss with you want to consider as you write copy, or you can check out my portfolios if you'd like to add me to your team long-term.

Step 6: The big finish!

Get excited -- I'll reveal your finished website and make any last tweaks that you need. I'll also send all the color codes (HEX, etc.), branding, logo, and font files that you need to upkeep your branding.

I'll also send you any outstanding invoices for the project, associated fees with securing a domain address, etc. If you wish to sign me on long-term for copywriting or my other services, at this stage I will also draft a separate contract for your approval before continuing.

Step 7: The last step -- LEARN & LAUNCH!

The final step is to train you on how to navigate your business/brand's new home! It's an exciting session of adapting to the administration area. Generally, this training sesh will take about 1-2 hours, and I'll make sure to break it into bite size chunks so I don't leave your head spinning.

Finally, we'll launch your new site. I get chills just thinking about it!! Even though I've built it, you did a lot of hard work to get here, too. It's a time to celebrate, share, and get customer feedback about your website.

That's it -- just seven easy steps, and I'll be with you the entire way. I'll send you the final invoice at the end and I'd love to get your feedback or a review about what it was like working with me.

If we aren't working together creating awesome branding or copy materials long-term, I'd still love to keep in touch. Know that I'm always willing to help guide updates or offer support. You can contact me anytime!

The Bottom Line

I hope this post helped to answer all your questions! Feel free to contact me if I didn't cover a topic you've got questions about or if you think we would be a great team. Looking forward to working with you and making your dreams come true!


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