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Donating Food During the Holiday Season

Tips for Giving Back to Food Charities

With what I do for a living, I’m obviously pretty passionate about food charities and the good they do for the community. It’s hard to image what the holidays would be like without food, but for some that is a reality. Especially with the unexpected hiccups this year has had, more than ever people are relying on their local food banks for assistance and many charities are feeling overwhelmed and in need of donations.

A few tips when donating your resources to local charities:

•Check the website or call and ask about a most needed items list. While any donation is thoughtful, donating items in high demand allows for more people to be helped in the ways they need.

Don’t donate expired or defective cans. These are a safety hazard & can cause foodborne illness. Check your local food bank for more specific guidelines regarding what you can donate past the "best by" date.

Donate excess nutritious foods that are the types of things you would find appetizing or want to eat!

Don’t forget you can also donate time, money, and other resources, especially during the holidays!

Some of my favorite local Utah & Salt Lake County food charities include:

- @tabithasway (North County located in American Fork or South County located in Spanish Fork)

- @communityactionuc (Located in Provo). I’ve done a food drive with them and they are so easy & incredible to work with

- @utahfoodbank (Located in South Salt Lake)

To find the closest food bank to you, use Feeding America's Find Your Local Food Bank.

If you are in the food or nutrition industry, you can also donate your time or talents to educating others through offering culinary classes, nutrition label education, or committing to volunteer a certain amount of time each month in the new year. There are so many ways to spread holiday cheer while also making sure our neighbor’s bellies are full.

Also, if you are in need, don't forget that these organizations exist to offer you help and benefit your local community. Reach out to them if you need assistance -- we each need help from time to time, and that's nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone should have the security of knowing where their next meal is coming from.


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