Nutrition in transition. 

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Annika Weeks, 



Food is both my profession and my passion. I have 5+ years of academic experience and I've had incredible opportunities to learn and grow in my field, thanks to inspiring colleagues and mentors.  After getting a Bachelor's of Science degree in dietetics, I obtained my NDTR credential. This qualifies me for technical work in the field of nutrition.



I've worked with non-profit groups, patient advocates, and support group communities. I also have navigated the confusing world of healthcare as a patient with multiple (7+) autoimmune disorders and chronic conditions. I am familiar with the struggle and I am here to help you, whether you are a patient or know one. 

Professional Experience

I've worked with and shadowed sports dietitians, volunteered with government and educational institutions, and worked with all ages, including preschoolers, elementary age, teens, and the elderly in memory care. I am also a Nutrition and Dietetics Technician, Registered. Click here to learn more about this process and what this credential qualifies me to do in healthcare settings. 

My Expertise

Consultant & Contributing Writer

All of my experience, personal and professional, has taught me this important lesson - eating is a form of empowerment. It is the power to nourish at a cellular level, yet can connect a global community. I'm simply here to channel that energy to grow your brand, business, or growth towards personal goals. I'm excited to see what we can create moving forward. 

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Nutrition in transition.

The E-3 Approach

My E-3 Approach works because holistic healing is an inside-out process. At the core is education, followed by empathy, and ultimately empowerment. Nutrition transitions require knowledge at the root of the process, but must quickly be followed by identifying genuine feelings and emotions. Healthy habits are formed when what you know to be true and what you feel to be true provide a powerful platform for application in your own life. 

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"Annika is remarkable. She found my site, identified with the work I was doing and reached out to see if I needed help at the perfect time. I did not intend to hire someone, but Annika was the exact person I needed and I knew it because of her initiative, background in nutrition, and experience with auto-immune disease. With her own business and practice with design, blogging and writing she was and is able to jump in anywhere! Annika is incredibly proactive, a hard worker, kind and smart. She can figure out the answer to any problem and has helped me in so many aspects of my business. I highly recommend her services if you need help with social media design, writing, hand out creation or encouragement."

-Kim Braly RDN, 


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