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Organize with ANNI | Your System should Serve YOU

There are millions of creative ideas out there about how exactly to organize your kitchen and pantry. But who knows your dining space better than you? Even if you brought a designer in to completely revamp your layout, they likely couldn't cater to your unique style and provide a flow that works for you or your family.

If you check out last week's post, Organizing 101: Back to the Basics, you'll remember that one of the first steps for setting up an efficient organizing system for your kitchen is this: You shouldn't be serving your system-- your system should serve you.

The following are a couple quick questions to ask yourself if you want to set up a system that supports you:

  1. Are you setting up a system that works for you, or are you setting up something because it worked for someone else?

  2. What gives you inspiration when it comes to organizing your dining areas and keeping them organized?

  3. What are your day to day needs?

  4. What does your system of organization need to do for you?

  5. What are your priorities when in the kitchen?

  6. Do certain aspects of your organization need to be kid friendly or more accessible than others?

  7. Do you feel like there is too much of something in your space?

  8. Do you feel like there is something missing or lacking from your space?

  9. How does your space make you feel about cooking?

  10. How does your space make you feel about eating?

The answers to these questions will help guide you in your efforts to design a system that not only honors your space and the activities that take place there, but also alleviates stress instead of adding to it.


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